About Us


Since its establishment, Kartikay Exploration and Mining Services Pvt. Ltd. (KEMSPL) has experienced a steady growth and has been ranked one of the leading agencies in the field of Mineral Exploration. It has a team of experts with vast experience in Mineral exploration and can offer technical and consultancy services to meet the requirements of the Mining industry. Through its performances it is widely recognized and accepted by various government agencies and private organisations.

By strongly adhering to the contract commitments Kartikay Exploration & Mining Services Pvt. Ltd. has increased its business rapidly. So far, the company has already completed more than 3,00,000.00 m of core drilling.
KEMSPL's successful accomplishments are achieved through its three basic philosophies, namely;

  • Providing technical services to meet clients expectations for their maximum satisfactions
  • Always rendering the best quality of work within the time schedule
  • Committing to professional ethics by focusing on the Code of Conduct

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